iPower Review

If you are looking for a simple web hosting solution. iPower has your number. They have an easy setup, control panel, and webmail. Take advantage of their site builder and application installers. With additional services and add-ons, you will never outgrow this hosting provider.

GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy is one of the most used web hosting companies on the internet. Offering great prices, great features, and award-winning support. Offer Linux or Windows web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and huge disc space. This is a great option for anyone that wants to start a new website or blog.

Web Page Design Software

Web development has changed through the years. All that was required a few years ago was text and content. Now the web is filled with images, movies, and interaction applications. Buying software is encouraged to stay with the advancing technology but are the necessary.

Web Programming Languages

There are a lot of web programming languages for web development. More and more created every year. Which one is the best to learn? Start with the backbones in HTML and CSS. Then work your way into JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Ruby.

Website Brianstorming Ideas

Brainstorming your website is a fun and exciting process, finding new ideas and laying out your site how you want. For some it can be frustrating. It can be hard to find ideas and finding topics that will have enough content to write about. Doing these brainstorming techniques will make this process easier and get your website off on the right foot.

Website Stoaryboarding

After you are done with your brainstorming session, on to the next step, which is to start visualizing your website. One of the best ways to do this is to storyboard your website. Storyboarding can help you determine what the finished product will become. In this website storyboarding article I will show you the importance of storyboarding your website. This will give you some great tips to help you get started developing a successful website.

Website Color Schemes

Finding a color scheme for your design can take some time. With millions of color combinations and trends, which one should you go with. By learning some basic color theory, harmony, and psychology you can now pick the perfect one.

SEO Content Writing

There are billions of sites on the internet, how do you compete with all of them? Having strong content written for people and not computers is a way great way to compete. Your website quality is your most important asset to your success.

What is Ajax

Ajax is a new client side coding language that helps communicated to the backend server. This gives you the ability to process database queries without the need of a page redirect or refresh. This keeps your visitor on the page and helps your overall user experience.


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