SEO Web Design

Your web design of your site can affect the quality of your SEO strategy. Following some guidelines about your site's hierarchy, URL structure, and other design factors can give you a big advantage. Even the layout of your content and how you present your images to your audience can improve your user's experience.

Web Frameworks

Developing a big project from scratch can take a lot of time. With web frameworks becoming a great tool to have in your back pocket, it can help you eliminate a lot of time sensitive tasks. Not to mention function to help with authentication, email, form validation, security, and database connections.

What is Ruby On Rails Used For

Ruby on Rails is a fairly new coding framework that is being widely used in the web development field in today's market. It has helped developers develop websites faster, use cleaner code, and keep their site architecture organized. Combined with a huge community and a variety of "gems". Ruby on Rails could be the next big thing.

Web Design Development

When working in the web design and/or development field you will always have questions. There is no way around it, the industry is constantly changing and technology moves faster than we can keep up. But it is important to know what is happening and what the current trends are. Here you can find the most asked questions currently in web design and development.

SEO Ranking Factors

With the new Google algorithms there have been a lot of talk about the authority of your website, or how much does Google trust your site? These are two areas that people are stressing out about but my not know what they are chasing. It is important to know what it is, how it can affect your site, and what you can do about it.

Website Growth Hacks

Growth Hacking is a creative way to think how you can improve your marketing strategies. This can be increasing your website traffic, conversions on your site or finding more customers for your business. These are quick and easy techniques that you can use today on your site to start increase your marketing statistic.

Link Building Strategies

There have been a lot of changes on how marketers do SEO. Between the different Google algorithms it has changed how we do our backlinking methods. To stay on top on how you’re doing SEO is important to stay within Google's policies. Knowing the different strategies can give you a step forward in keeping your backlink portfolio strong.

CSS Sizing

There are more options with modern browsers to specify your sizing in CSS. PX, EM, REM, Percent...but what do they all do? There are situations where each one can be more beneficial than others. By knowing the differences between the sizing options, will help you identify which one to use for any situation you might run into.

HTML5 Cheatsheet

Remembering all the different HTML elements can be a daunting task. Having a quick cheat sheet to help you remember which tags are supported and which are not supported. Which can save a lot of time. You can find a full sheet will all HTML5 elements, along with which browsers support the individual tags. Plus web developers can get an exclusive downloadable copy.


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