HTML5 Cheat Sheet

HTML5 is now the standard for all web development pages. But sometimes it can puzzling of all the different types of HTML elements there are. Below you will find a quick and easy HTML5 Cheat Sheet. Made for web developers that need a quick reminder of what elements are new and multiple browser support. *Most HTML4 tags are supported in HTML5.

If HTML5 is something new to you. You can check out my article HTML5 Examples. It talks about the new technology, examples of some of the new tags and what you need to change in your website to make it ready for HTML5.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

Brand New HTML5 Tags

Tags Description
Supported Browsers
<article> article 89%
<aside> outside of main content 89%
<audio> sound player 86%
<bdi> bidriectional formatting 40%
<canvas> area to draw graphics 89%
<datalist> dropdown list 65%
<details> details of the element 56%
<dialog> defines dialog box 40%
<embed> define external content or plugin 17%
<figcaption> element to mark up a photo 89%
<figure> group of media or content 89%
<footer> defines footer in document 89%
<header> defines header in document 89%
<keygen> defines a genreated key in form input 80%
<main> defines main content of document 80%
<mark> marked text 89%
<menuitem> defines menu item 20%
<meter> defines mesasurements 75%
<nav> defines navigation in document 73%
<output> defeines the type of output 45%
<progress> progress of task 89%
<rp> ruby annotations for browser support 80%
<rt> explanation of ruby annotations 80%
<ruby> defines ruby annotations 80%
<section> defines section of document 89%
<source> defines media resources 76%
<summary> defines visible heading 56%
<time> date/time 89%
<track> specifies text tracks for media 85%
<video> defines a video/movie media 86%
<wbr> word break opportunity 60%

Current Supported HTML4 Tags

Tags Description
Supported Browsers
<!-- --> comment 100%
<!doctype> document type 100%
<a> hyperlink 100%
<abbr> abbreviation 100%
<address> address 100%
<area> area of image map 100%
<b> bold 100%
<base> defines base URL 100%
<bdo> isolates a part of the text 100%
<blockquote> text section that is quoted from source 100%
<body> document's body' 100%
<br /> line break 100%
<button> clickable button 100%
<caption> table caption 100%
<cite> defines title 100%
<code> defines programming code 100%
<col> table properties for column 100%
<colgroup. group of table columns 100%
<dd> description or value of term 100%
.<del> text that has been deleted 100%
<dfn> definition of text 100%
<div> defines a section 100%
<dl> description list 100%
<dt> term or name is description list 100%
<em> emhasize text 100%
<fieldset> groups from elements 100%
<form> form input 100%
<h1> - <h6> header text 100%
<head> header information in document 100%
<hr /> horizontal line break 100%
<html> root of HTML document 100%
<i> italic text 100%
<iframe> inline external window 100%
<img> image 100%
<input> input form field 100%
<ins> insert text 100%
<kbd> single line input field 100%
<label> label for form input 100%
<legend> fieldset title 100%
<li> list item 100%
<link> reference link 100%
<map> image map 100%
<menu> menu list 20%
<meta> meta header information 100%
<noscript> code for no Javscript enabled 100%
<object> embedded media 100%
<ol> ordered list 100%
<optgroup> option group 100%
<option> option / dropdown form input 100%
<p> paragraph text 100%
<param> parameter for object 100%
<pre> performatted text 100%
<q> quotation 100%
<samp> sample computer code 100%
<script> define JavaScript 100%
<select> select form list 100%
<small> small text 100%
<span> inine section 100%
<strong> strong/bold text 100%
<style> define CSS 100%
<sub> subscripted text 100%
<sup> superscripted text 100%
<table> table layout 100%
<tbody> table body 100%
<td> table cell 100%
<textarea> text area input 100%
<tfoot> define table footer 100%
<th> table header 100%
<thead> define table header 100%
<title> title of document 100%
<tr> table row 100%
<tt> teletype text 100%
<ul> unordered list 100%
<var> variable 100%

Unspported HTML4 Tags

Tags Description
Supported Browsers
<acronym> acroymn 100%
<applet> applet 40%
<basefont> base font for document 0%
<bgsound> background sound 100%
<big> big text 100%
<center> center align text 100%
<dir> directory listing 100%
<font> define font, size and color 100%
<frame> define a window within a frameset 100%
<frameset> define multiple windows 100%
<isindex> single-line input field 100%
<noembed> code for no embed support 100%
<noframe> code for no frames enabled  100%
<s> strikethrough front 100%
<strike> strikethrough front 100%
<tt> teletype text 100%
<u> underline text 100%
<xmp> performatted text 100%


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