13 Website Content Ideas To Generate Quick

Everyone that has a website or blog has troubles coming up with things to write about. We have all been there and continue to find ourselves there more times than we want to. But having some inspiration examples can help you get the create wheels turning. Some of these ways to create content for your website take more than others.

Share a Video

YouTube Embed Video

YouTube is now a part of everyone's normal day. There are tons of great videos on just about anything you can think of. Find something you like, write a summary on why it's a good and embed it in your post.

Creating Your Own Video

If you are not camera shy and have something interesting to say. Jump in front of a camera and let loose. Most people would rather watch a video in some cases over reading. Even live streaming events can create some interest.

Google Adword Keyword Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This service can help you target phrases that you can write about. Put in your most relevant topic that your website is about and click Search. This will pull a lot of different terms that might spark some interest.

Google Relative Search

Google Relative Search

This goes along with the Adwords Keyword Tool, you can start to type something in Google's search and see what other terms might come up. Sometimes you find some crazy combinations.

Interview an Expert

This one will take some time and it might not be that quick to set up. Interviewing someone with a few questions in your industry will give you authoritative content. There isn't a set limit on how many questions you should ask someone, but I wouldn't go over ten.

Blog Roundups

Blog Roundup

Roundups, Reviews, Recaps, whatever you want to call them. This is when you can compile past posts from either your blog or from external blogs. Getting a hand full and posting them together as full articles to read is a great way to engage different users.

Tutorials and Screencasts

Moz Whiteboard

This can also be combined with the Create Your Own Video section. Showing someone how to solve a problem or teaching them something new. This will really engage users to participate with sharing and discussion with your site.

Review a Service or Product

Giving an honest reviews on a services or products can give your site some credibility in the industry. If you highly recommend a service or product, see if they have an affiliate network. This is where you can refer them customers for commission.

Industry News

Website Content Ideas

Has something big happened? Maybe a company has merged or been bought out. Or a new product is about to launch and revolution life as we know it. If so, talk about it. Give your opinion and other will follow up what they think.

Answer Questions From Comments

Yahoo Answers

Check your comments from past posts. Is there a particular post that is getting a lot of attention. Revisit any questions or comments to a new post. This shows that you do care what your visits are sharing and maybe you can clarify a problem they are having.

Make a List

Creating list about the top, best, or ways about something is an easy way to generate a lot of small content into a big article. Like this article you are reading. This is an example of this technique.

Share Industry Personal Stories

Share things that have happened to you. Maybe a conference you attended, a problem that you have solved or a product that you are launching yourself. Whatever it might be, your readers might have something to relate to.

Guest Writers

Guest Writer

If you can't think of anything or just want some help, you can offer people to write on your site for you. Most of the time they will request a permanent link back to their site for their service.


If you really can't get anything going you can open your pocket book and hire someone to do it for you. The draw back is that they don't really know the attitude of your website and might not be as educated in the field as you are.


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