Just Host Review

Just Host is one of the cheapest options you will find in the web hosting industry. They offer full features for any type of website, plus you can get full unlimited hosting plans. With an array of coding languages supported, this is a great option for all web developers.

What is jQuery

jQuery has brought the web to a new level of usability and interaction. By using a JavaScript library, this coding language can bring great features and effects to your website. With smaller file sizes, quicker coding and easy of use, jQuery can change the way you develop your website.

GreenGeeks Review

For those who are looking for green web hosting, look no further than GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks has everything you would except in a web hosting company, but they use 300% renewable energy. That makes them one of the most Eco-friendly web hosting companies in the industry.

Web Design Inspiration

Finding inspiring web designs is fun and educational. You can find great examples of things that work and things that don't work. Analyzing website designs can make you a better web designer.

WordPress Hosting

Having a web hosting provider that is ready for WordPress can make things not only easier but quicker. Instant installation and server optimization can give your site the much needed performance boost. Taking the time and comparing the different companies can give you confidence and success of your website.

Best Open Source CMS

It's hard to argue what is the best open source content management system. But there are some really good ones that can help you manage your site. Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla are the most stable open source CMS available.

Web Development Books

There are tons of web development books everywhere. So which ones are the best ones to read? I’ve broken some of the top books in all areas of web development down into sections and handpicked my favorite ones. Some may be your favorite ones, or there might be some you’ve never heard of. All of these book do have some great useful information.

Shopping Cart Software

There are many e-commerce shopping carts in web development. Which ones are good and have the features that your business needs? See the best shopping carts with the most popular features. All of the shopping carts listed are open source or FREE and will support any size of small or large business.

Website Outline

When you take the time to brainstorm, storyboard and outline your website, you give yourself a head start when starting development. This is as simple as a hashing with a pencil and paper, a couple of bullet points, to paragraphs with detailed information. The point isn't how big your can make it or how much detail you're putting into it. The point is that you have a simple idea of where your website is heading once production starts.


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