Web Developer Job Descriptions

There are many areas or position you can pursue when studying web development. You can read up and see a basic building block of all the different types of jobs. From graphic designers and web designers, to web coders and server administrators. You will be able to find the perfect fit for your career.

Website Trends

Each year there are different trends and technologies that flow through web development. There are some trends that seem to not want to die. There are good reasons for this as they are the building blocks of today's industry.

What Is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is starting to pop up everywhere in the web hosting industry. With all the buzz, technologies like mobile phones and tablets are getting in on the action. Cloud hosting is the ability to connect multiple servers and have them act as one.

Top Social Media Sites

Social media is a great way to syndicate your content. There are hundreds of places you can do this at. But there are only a few that you can get real results starting today. See how you can use the most popular social media sites for your blog.

Why Facebook

Social networking has become a big part of the internet. It has even gotten Google's attention. It is becoming an important part in search engine ranking and authority. There are probably hundreds of reasons why to have a Facebook fan page but here are the top 10.

Free Images For Your Blog

You want to find great images for your blog. But you don't want to get into any copyright trouble or steal people's credit. There are different image restriction that you need to be aware of before using images. Knowing these will ensure you have the perfect image.

jQuery 1.4 Animation Techniques

The book jQuery 1.4 Animation Techniques: Beginners Guide, published by Packt Publishing. Is a way to take your existing jQuery skills and build on them to create some complex animations. View our full review, see what is included, and how it can help you.

HTML5 Examples

HTML5 is a new markup language that is emerging. It is an upgrade of HTML4, which is what 99% of all websites are coded in. HTML5 will be the new standard for web development once it is completed. The World Wide Consortium (W3C) hasn’t finalized it yet, but most major internet browsers are starting to support it. Start learning it and stay ahead of the curve.

CMS Design

The book CMS Design Using PHP and jQuery has just about everything you need for developing a full Content Management System. It includes all the coding, template system, plugin system, panels, and a customer installer. Read our full review to see how this book can help you.


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