What Is A Podcast Used For?

Podcasts are digital files that are produced as a series. This could be either an audio or video file. Users can subscribe to these series by software or using an RSS feed. Podcasting gives users the ability to choose their own content and interests.

This is a great way for your website to syndicated more content. This opens another marketing channel to re-engage with your users or attract new ones.

Start Your Podcast

What Is A Podcast Used For

Anyone can become a podcaster and your podcast can be about anything. Make sure you pick a topic other people want to hear about. There is no use doing it if there is no interest surround it.

Also, make sure you know extensive details about it. You want to be an authority figure and expert with your podcast. Especially if you're are going to use this as a marketing plan. Your website is going to be reflected on how good your podcast is, do your research.

Once you get going and starting to build a following, your followers are going to expect more. You need to release them on a consistent basis. Just like when you are writing on your blog. You need to publish great content regularly to keep users engaged.


Podcasting Equipment

There will be some startup costs for most of you. Some might have a few of these things laying around, but most of you will need to start fresh.

For the most part, you only need three things:


Any Windows or Mac computer will work. There are many different programs that can be used to record, edit, and upload a podcast. There are a couple of things to be aware of with your computer. What type of connection are available for a microphone and is your computer powerful enough to edit audio files.

Audio Editing Software

The program you use to edit your audio files is completely up to you. Price ranges from free open source applications to Pro Tools that can cost close to a thousand. Depending on what you are looking to do can determine your price.


Any microphone will work to record your voice. This is also your heart and souls of the professionalism of your podcast. You may want to spend a little money on a quality microphone. One with a simple USB connection will do.

Entertain Your Visitors

This about a podcast like a radio station DJ. You need to play what people want to hear and also entertain the listener. Podcasting is the exact same thing.

If your site is about news, sports, or education, they all need to have a type of entertainment to them. Make them fun and have fun with them. If you aren't a hundred percent into them, either will your audience.

Hosting Your Podcast

Once you have your podcast recorded and edited, it's time to publish it. There are hundreds of places, but there are a few popular ones that people use to host their MP3 file.









Amazon S3

Amazon S3

By using these places above they will generate an RSS feed URL of your files. You can use this to submit to the mother of all podcast directories, iTunes.

Make Money With Your Podcast

Make Money

You can even make a little bit of money with your podcast. All of the methods will take a significant amount of traffic before you will make a large return.

  • Get Sponsors - Sell ad space and/or time in your podcast recording to read a tagline or pitch.
  • Charge For New Podcast - Give your old podcasts away for free, but charge money for new releases.
  • Product Reviews - Charge to give a dedicated podcast for a product review.
  • Sell Yourself - If you podcast is about a service that you can provide, pitch yourself to do it for them.
  • Sell Applications - You can create applications that go along with your podcasts and charge money for them. This could be used on desktop or mobile.
  • Ask For Donations - If you podcasting cost are driving up, ask your audience for donations.

Growing Technology

This is a great new technology that has become a staple for a lot of users content. With the ability of users subscribing and being notified about new releases. This gives you a huge opportunity to gain more exposure.


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