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Having a mobile website is a must for the future of web development. More mobile websites are using a responsive design. With the cell phone marketing growing each day there is going to be more of a demand.

Even Google is now devaluing sites that don't have a mobile design. This could cause a gain or loss in traffic depending on your mobile usability. There are a few elements you can implement to your site to give you a head start.

Simplify Your Current Website

Mobile Web Design

Changing your site to a mobile website isn't an easy task. Most websites modify their existing site into a smaller version. They usually remove most of their images and only post their headlines to articles.

You will need to simplify your layout too. Advanced CSS techniques and complex layout designs will cause some problems. You need to be able to easily have your website change between the different mobile screen sizes.

Keep Things Clean

With simplifying your layout and design you need to watch how many images you have for your mobile site. Cell phone internet speed isn't quite up to par with a LAN line.

You need to watch how much content you are displaying on your page. Having too many images can make your website very slow and give your visitors a reason to leave.

Problems With Mobile Design

The biggest problem that developers will run into is the different screen size resolution. There are all types of screen sizes for mobile devices and each one has their own internet browser.

The best thing to do is to set up Google Analytics and track what resolutions your visitors are using. Google Analytics will also show what internet browsers your users are using to view your site.

Then target the most popular resolution and work your way done. It is important to do cross browser compatibility checks on your mobile site.

Most common mobile design resolutions:

  • Laptops - 1024 x 728
  • Tablets - 768 x 1024
  • Large Cell Phones - 480 x 728
  • Medium Cell Phones - 375 x 728
  • Small Cell Phones - 320 x 728
  • Tools to Help You On The Way

It is tricky to test your design on different devices. There are some tools out there that can help you.

Google Chrome Development Tools

Chome Dev Tools

You can easily emulate the different mobile device resolutions straight from the internet browser.



The most accurate testing service, but does require a monthly subscription. Uses actual devices to test resolutions.



Similar to BrowserStack as it cost money, but does provide an accurate testing environment.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver

Limited testing but does provide different resolution. Great addition if already using Dreamweaver.

Google Mobile-Friendly Tool

Google Mobile-Friendly Tool

Test your site in Google's eyes to see if your site is mobile-friendly. Great tool to make sure you are not getting hurt in your search engine ranking.

Mobile Design Examples

You can also look at what other designers are doing with their own website. See how each one simplifies and hides / shows elements depending on the size of the page.


Zappos Mobile Design

Boston Globe

Boston Globe Mobile Design


BuzzFeed Mobile Design


Evernote Mobile Design


Microsoft Mobile Design

Plan > Develop > Test > Repeat

Mobile websites is a growing trend in the web development and will continue to grow. The best thing is to plan out what your mobile site “needs”. Then develop and continue to test. This market is changing rapidly and so will your mobile site.


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Smart phones are very much in demand now and they are capturing more market of Laptops and desktops more and more peoples surf with iPhone, Blackberry and many smart phones so now it must that the new developed website must be mobile compatible to acquire more market share.
Indeed, and making your website compatible with all these new devices becomes the need of the hour. is a tool specifically created for the same.
This is very informative and very useful. Thanks for sharing these post! Good to keep this in mind!
The biggest problem that developers will run into is the different screen sizes, resolution and internet browsers... i like this we always have issue with the team where they have resolution's problem when they develop the website for mobile i hope you blog will help my people
Yes, It's equal important to keep you buyers & visitors happy. Thanks for this post.
Hi its nice post ya your are rite the the clarity and the quality of the work is very important
My web host located at has a special control panel for mobile websites. I have no idea if that's needed but it is very comfortable.
I love the content of this site,very useful
Thanks for sharing these post! Good to keep this in mind!
Today the trend of mobile web development and design is very high and this blog have very useful and knowledgeable information who want to learn about mobile designing and development. Very nice post.
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Nice tips & Excellent post and perfect timing. I passed this post along to some friends who were debating about the same topic.
This is a great article for initial planning of Mobile Web Designs. I would say the “Why” behind the effort. I am currently in the process of designing and developing 5 websites that will also need to address a mobile audience and have found that the above article hits almost every aspect on why it is important to design for the mobile web. Thanks again !!

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