How To Do SEO

Search engine optimization is a big part of internet marketing. Knowing some of these basic techniques in the beginner's guide will get your start in increasing your website traffic. If you have time and determination, you can do it.

What is a Blog Used For

There are a lot of benefits to doing a blog on your site. Having one can help your site rank better and develop new content for regular visitors. The most popular benefit of a blog is creating new pages which in result gives you more opportunities for more search engine traffic.

What Is RSS Feed

Since the start of Web 2.0, there has been an increased demand of RSS feeds. This is a popular way for people to stay connect to your website, without daily visits. Having an RSS feed on your website gives you an additional channel of engagement.

What Is A Podcast Used For

Podcasting has brought a new digital format to the internet. By incorporating RSS feed and subscribing. Podcasting has given us another marketing channel for our websites. By syndicating more content to our users, we now have a wider audience to target.

Interaction Design

Interaction design can help your users make the best of your website. Making your site more interactive will increase your usability. Not only gear more conversions, it can also help decrease bounce rate for your website. I. Your users don't want to learn how to use your website. Make it simple with graphics, colors, icons, or videos.

How To Use FTP

File Transfer Protocol is an easy way to transfer your graphics and files to your web server. As a web developer, you need to know how to use an FTP connection. This is the number one way that most hosting provider support to manage your server.

Putty Commands

Knowing how to connect to your server with Secure Shell or SSH can help you manage your server. Using Putty commands is one way to navigate in the SSH environment. This method gives you a secure connection to your server without the need of a secure network. View our cheat sheet to give you a head start on the basic commands.

What is Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Design is a buzz word that is going around in web development. It is a reference to how a site is being designed. It will bring more simple, bright colored, round, and interactive atmosphere to the internet. Here is a guide to show you the elements you should be aware of in design while creating a web 2.0 website.

CSS Layout Templates

In web development there are times that you will develop a template from scratch and other times it might be a better use of time to use a pre-made template for your layout. Finding a quick free CSS template will save some time and help you get your project off the ground. Once you find one you can customize it to your liking. Here is a roundup of some of the best places to find a CSS template.


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