Future of Search Engines

Search engines are constantly changing as technology moves forward. As the two biggest leaders, Google and Bing, battle each other with new ideas and innovations. You will start to seeing your results influenced by location, time, and social media.

E-commerce Checkout Best Practices

There are different ways to have your customers go through your shopping cart process. Some easier than others. Having the right funnel to guide your customers can help them and your business. Knowing some of these e-commerce checkout best practice can increase your conversion rate.

E-commerce Vs Brick And Mortar

As people become more aware and educated with the internet. Not only do their social communication change, but so does their shopping experience. Even the smallest brick and mortar business are starting to look towards the internet for more sales. Opening an e-commerce store for you growing business can give you huge advantages.

SEO Content Strategy

Today's standards for high quality content is more important now than it ever has. With the new Google updates in trying to stop web spam. This has given marketers a new reason to spend more time creating content. Content has become the new way to build links, create buzz, and get your website to the top of search engines. This is the new way to strike internet gold.

Responsive Web Design

As the mobile devices become more of a standard to everyone's lives. It is important to have our sites ready for mobile traffic. One way to do this is using a web responsive design. Knowing what and how a responsive design can help your website, will help you embrace this new technology.

How To Monetize A Blog

Everyone would like to make some extra cash while they are building their blog. But there are other ways to do it rather than just Google Adsense and other Banner Ads. Other revenue streams could be affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews, and merchandise.

Make Money With Google AdSense

Everyone wants to make money on their blog and Google AdSense has become one of the biggest advertising networks today. Mainly because it is really easy to use and to get started. Implementing a small code snippet on your blog and you have targeted paid advertising.

Web Developer Job Descriptions

There are many areas or position you can pursue when studying web development. You can read up and see a basic building block of all the different types of jobs. From graphic designers and web designers, to web coders and server administrators. You will be able to find the perfect fit for your career.

Website Trends

Each year there are different trends and technologies that flow through web development. There are some trends that seem to not want to die. There are good reasons for this as they are the building blocks of today's industry.


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