Web Accessiblity

There is a crowd of individuals that surf the internet and visit millions of websites that have a mental or physical disability. Making sure that you focus some accessibility elements on your website can make a world of a difference to someone that needs additional software or hardware to help them interact with your website.

Backlinks That Don't Work

As search engines continue to make changes to how they decided how websites are ranked. There will always be seo marketers trying to find that technique to get their site to the top. What about the techniques that don't work? Here is a list of the backlinks they will not help you efforts continuing from 2014.

Disneyland Business

What is one of the strongest businesses on Earth? It is also the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. Some of the best business principles you can learn, you can learn from Disneyland. See what business principles you can implement from Disnesyland to your own business.

Social Media Metadata

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the three major sharing platforms on the internet to date. To help people share your content you can get your social media meta tags ready to go. What and how do you implement them for your website? All you need to do is insert some html meta tags to your header element in your website development code.

What Is Flat Design?

You have probably notice the mobile application and websites are becoming "flat". You are not alone. Flat Design is becoming a new design trend that is simplifying how we interact with our digital media. Flat Design is cleaning up the gradients, drop shadows and glassy reflective effect from Web 2.0.

Software Applications

There are hundreds, if not thousands of software applications that people say you need to create a nice website. I’m here to tell you that you only probably need a max of 5 applications to have a fully functional high quality website. Notice that this is 100% opinionated. Some applications listed are even luxury items.

Usability Web Design

Web design is an important factor when having a website, blog or app. Designers are always pushing the envelope and trying new and exciting things. This is great, as long as they always keep the user in mind and how they are going to react to the site. Some designers get so caught up in the design, they forget about the most important factor when they get a visitor, and that is the usability.

Penguin 2.0

There is a new Google update out label Penguin 2.0. There are a lot of people wondering what this could mean to how internet marketers do SEO. I have compiled of the best articles on the subject and have broken them down. From the pre-launch, launch and post results coming from some of the best internet marketers.

Google Fonts

Do you ever wonder if websites will be able to use different fonts than the standard web safe fonts? With the help of Google Fonts API those days of using more dynamics fonts on your website are becoming a reality. By using Google's directory and CSS3 you can now easily implement different fonts for your website.

Google Authorship

What is with those faces on the Google search results? Those faces are the writers that have verified that it is them that wrote those articles. Not only does it put your face for everyone to see. But it helps with your Google trust, click through rate on searches and keeps you save from people stealing your content that you worked hard for.