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What Is Flat Design?

You have probably notice the mobile application and websites are becoming "flat". You are not alone. Flat Design is becoming a new design trend that is simplifying how we interact with our digital media. Flat Design is cleaning up the gradients, drop shadows and glassy reflective effect from Web 2.0.

Usability Web Design

Web design is an important factor when having a website, blog or app. Designers are always pushing the envelope and trying new and exciting things. This is great, as long as they always keep the user in mind and how they are going to react to the site. Some designers get so caught up in the design, they forget about the most important factor when they get a visitor, and that is the usability.

Google Fonts

Do you ever wonder if websites will be able to use different fonts than the standard web safe fonts? With the help of Google Fonts API those days of using more dynamics fonts on your website are becoming a reality. By using Google's directory and CSS3 you can now easily implement different fonts for your website.

Design Quotes

In all areas of design, graphics and any other type of artistic vision, people get stuck and discourage with ideas. Everyone has their own way to break out of it. Whether if it is magazines, websites or even watching TV. If your are ready to break out of it now, I have 15 of the best graphic design inspirational quotes.

Responsive Web Design

As the internet changes and becomes more of a standard to mobile phones and tablets. This growing marketing is now pushing companies, websites and blogs to because mobile ready. One way to do this is Responsive Design. What is Responsive Web Design? It's a way to use your current website and have it dynamically change depending on the users' device resolution.

Web Design Pricing

When deciding to create a website you might wonder how much it would cost for someone else to do it. There are a couple of ways you can go about this. You can have a company create a website for you or you can outsource it to a freelancer. Both ways can vary in results and Web Design Pricing. Let’s break down each element and see what they can cost and what you can expect.

Great Web Design Examples

Finding Great Web Design Examples is fun and educational. You can find inspiration, things that work great and things that don't work. Analyzing website design ideas that utilizes great designs can make you a better web designer. Here are some sites that I have stumbled upon and found some great Web Design Examples.

Web 2.0 Tutorial

Web 2.0 Design is a buzz word that is going around in web development. Web 2.0 is just a buzz word to reflect how sites are being designed. It will bring a more simple, bright colored, round and interactive atmosphere to the internet. Web 2.0 Tutorial is some help on elements you should be aware of in web development and design elements to watch for.

Simple Free CSS Templates

In web development there are pretty much two ways you can develop a website layout. You can use a table format or use a CSS format. Tables are easier are behave in cross web browsers, but can cause extra lines of coding, slower render speed and less accessible. CSS is harder to learn, but worth every minute you put in. When looking for a Simple Free CSS Templates this is the best way to go.

Small Business Web Hosting

In the field of Web Design there are many ways to approach it. Some developers will get themselves stuck in certain topics that hurt their pages more than help it. Here is a list of the Top 10 Website Design Mistakes to help you stay away from the bad things in website design.