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Looking around for website designs can be a headache. There are thousands of companies that offer such a service. The problem that you will run in to, is that everyone’s pricing has a big difference. Some company will offer $200 for a custom design and some will offer $1,000.

So what’s the Difference? -Packages

Development Pricing

When looking into a web design company for your website, see what is included in their package. Some companies will just give you the design, some give you design and the website coded and some include design, coding and web hosting. Web hosting and domain names are some of the other charges that are required for your website to go live on the internet.

Web Design Pricing Breakdown

Let’s look at the different elements that go into a website, such as domain name, hosting, logo, design, coding and content management system.

  • Domain Name - A domain name is your .com, .net or .org. $10/yr.
  • Web Hosting – A server for your website to run on. Shared Hosting $60 - $100/yr.
  • Logo Design – A new logo for your site or for branding. $50 - $100
  • Web Design – This could be a template they have ready to go or full custom work. Of course custom work is always exponentially more expensive. $200 - $1000
  • Coding – Some companies will code your design in HTML with CSS. For bonus some will even make them Search Engine Optimized. Either way coding can cost you by the hour. But I would only accept search engine optimized coding and pure CSS (No Table Format). $20 - $40/hr
  • Content Management System – First see what platform they are capable to code on. Then it’s a tossup on and if it’s part of the Coding Fee or if it’s included in the price. Some of popular free content management systems that most companies support are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. $30 - $50/hr
  • Other Elements – Companies can offer you extra web 2.0 elements for your website. Such as Flash, Streaming Movies or Shopping Carts. ?/hr

Outsourcing Your Projects

Outsourcing Urgent

There are places like Elance and oDesk that you could outsource each of these different areas. You can post the job on these sites and different people bid on how much they will do it for. You can find some decent people to do great work and good prices. Just do your homework on the person that is bidding on your project. Check his reviews and responses from other jobs. If you choose to go this route, you can usually save 20% - 50% on the project.

Just Some Ballpark Estimates

All of these are just ballpark estimates of what’s around the internet at this time. But now you know what some of the different packages could cost you individually. So if you find a Web Design company that offers some of these things in their standard price, you might have found a good deal. Best advice I can give you is to shop around. See what everyone is doing and see how much they are going for on the outsourcing sites.


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