Free CSS Templates for Web Design

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When looking for a website template, some simple CSS templates could be your best choice when thinking about what CSS design and layout you want. CSS is a web development coding language that is to control the look and design of a website. CSS can be held in an external sheet where your website can call from HTML. This is more efficient, faster renders, W3C Valid, Accessible and easier to change your design in the future.

Free CSS Templates

Now for the design part of this article, Free CSS Templates Downloads are easy to find. For the individuals that don't want to look or Google It, here are a couple of links :

- DreamTemplate DreamTemplate -
- templateworld - CSS Library

These CSS Template websites have CSS, HTML and Flash templates. They try to sell you packages, or sign up for their services. But there are some free CSS templates.

CSS isn't the Only Way

Simple CSS Web Development Coding Language Templates

There has always been a fight between keeping the standard way of web developing using tables and moving towards CSS. These days CSS is in control and getting more and more popular. Some web developers stay using tables and design beautiful websites. On the flipside of things, CSS can make unbelievable websites. CSS can do things that were not possible with tables. With CSS become the standard way of developing webpage, updating yourself or having someone do it for you. You have a better chance with CSS to make easier changes.

Why use a Template?

Free Two Column Template Layout Example

You don't have to use a template. You can design your own template very easy. The reason for this is because css templates can make your job quicker and easier. There is more and more demand for web developers to design new web designs or redesign old. There is nothing wrong with using a template. But no templates are going to be exactly what you want. But starting with a template and manipulating it to what you want, might be better than starting from scratch. Sometimes it's not. Take a look at some and see.

Web 2.0 Design

This buzz word call Web 2.0 no meaning, but definition. Web 2.0 is a cleaner web design. It consists of your glassy icons, round corners, reflections and pastel colors. More white space and a controlled content. Say good bye to flashing graphics, busy websites, and bright colors. They won’t be missed.

This is One Route to Go

If you are planning your own web design, there are some articles that will help you get your thought process going. Website Brainstorming and Website Storyboarding. Web Design is an element of web development that is easy. It is coming up with the idea, colors and layout that is the hard part.


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