Cheapest Dedicated Server for Web Hosting

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Cheapest Dedicated Server Web Hosting

A cheap dedicated server web hosting is different from a shared server. If you have Googled "web hosting" or "web hosting server" you will notice lots of web hosting options. The cheap web hosting packages is called shared hosting. These are great for small site and personal sites. If you are thinking of going big and maybe starting a business, a dedicated server is the way to go. A dedicated hosting server gives you complete control, including apache, MySQL, PHP and ASP versions you want. Applications and sometimes you can customize the hardware.

What is the Difference of Shared or Dedicated Server?

When hosting a site on a shared server you lease out disk space on a server that is connected to everyone else on the internet. Usually sites are on one hard drive that will share that same IP information as a hundred different sites. With a Dedicated Server you get your own hard drive and unique IP information. This helps security issues, which you might want to consider if dealing with large amounts of e-commerce information. This can also be bonus points for SEO purposes. Having a dedicated server gives you freedom. You can put any applications you want, change configure files, run stats and send as many emails you want.

Where to Find a Great Company?

Now to find somewhere that offers dedicated server hosting packages. There are many places on the web that will offer dedicated servers. Watch out for the usual marketing tricks and read the fine print. The quickest way is just to Google and see what comes up. But for those people that don't want to go out and find some, I have listed a few great dedicated hosting companies.

1AND1 Hosting

Visit 1AND1 Homepage

First stop 1AND1 Hosting. These guys have some very good pricing on dedicated servers. They offer small and big packages. It all depends on what your website needs. If your starting to get some good traffic you might only need the bottom package dedicated server. But if you're getting 10K+ you might have to start spending some good money to keep up to the demand. 1AND1 Hosting has just about any type of dedicated hosting you will need.

1AND1 Hosting


Visit HostGator's Dedicated Server Homepage

One place that is solid is for dedicated servers is Hostgator offers more disk space and bandwidth than most places for a dedicated server, at the price. Hostgator will also support a Linux operating system of a Windows operating system. If you’re not sure what operating system you need or want, because there is a difference. There is Linux vs Windows Web Hosting article that will educate you on the differences. For more information on Hostgator there is Hostgator Review.



Visit GoDaddy's Homepage Cheap Hosting Packages

Another company you might want to look for a dedicated server hosting is They have three different dedicated server hosting plan. With the option of Linux operating system or windows operating system. They have great support and offer many bonus. When hosting with, they include a FREE SSL Certificate. This is very important if you are thinking of hosting an e-commerce store. This gives your customers security on the front end and on the back-end. GoDaddy is one of the biggest hosting companies in the hosting business and can offer your company great things. GoDaddy Review will give some more information on their features.


Cheapest Dedicated Server Google and Research

If your still not sure which way to take your site. You can also Google a result. Because hosting a site is very affordable and is also very important. You don't want to get into a hosting company that doesn't offer your site what it requires. Shop around and find something that will help your site be successful.


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