Google Fonts

Do you ever wonder if websites will be able to use different fonts than the standard web safe fonts? With the help of Google Fonts API those days of using more dynamics fonts on your website are becoming a reality. By using Google's directory and CSS3 you can now easily implement different fonts for your website.

Google Authorship

What is with those faces on the Google search results? Those faces are the writers that have verified that it is them that wrote those articles. Use Google Authorship not only puts your face for everyone to see. It helps increases your Google trust and click-through rate. It can keep your site safe from people stealing your content.

Website Content Ideas

Trying to find ways to generate content on your website or blog? We all get stuck on trying to figure out a topic for our next great article. Here are 13 ways you can try to help you get the create wheels turning in your head. The hardest part about all of them is just trying them, but all of them can give you a great starting point.

Just about all major business have an e-commerce store. This makes it easier for customers to shop and get a feel for your store. There are many advantages for e-commerce, but what about the disadvantages? See how both of them stack up to each other.

Design Quotes

In all areas of design, graphics and any other type of artistic vision, people get stuck and discourage with ideas. Everyone has their own way to break out of it. Whether if it is magazines, websites or even watching TV. If your are ready to break out of it now, I have 15 of the best graphic design inspirational quotes.

What Is A Content Management System

When you are planning a site that will require multiple users without knowledge of web programming. You will start seeing things like a content management system or CMS. A CMS is an application that gives you the ability to create and edit pages without the need to edit the source code.

What is E-commerce

With the internet becoming a part of everyone's day. It's also becoming everyone's first choice for their shopping. This is where an e-commerce store comes into play. It is the ability for a business to sell their products and services online. People can browse, research, and buy at any time of the day.

What Is Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a process to raise money, get information, or complete tasks quickly. By splitting up projects into smaller tasks and splitting them into a group of people. This can speed up the process, get more valuable information, and become a great resource for business.

Ways To Monetize Your Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are becoming a way of life. More and more web developers are starting to cross over into the world of app development. After all that brain power it took to get it published. What are some ways you can monetize your app and recover from some of those long hours?


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