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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a coding language that works in HTML or outside of HTML. You can use it internally or external with your site. CSS Web Design is how control the look, feel and layout of HTML pages. CSS is a W3C compliant code and accessible to individuals with disabilities. Web Design Using CSS can open some potential for your site.

The Power of Cascading Style Sheets for HTML

Web Design Template CSS Layout

CSS can layout your entire site. Heading, paragraphs, links, padding and margins can all be adjusted in CSS. The number one best features that CSS can offer, is the ability to layout infinite number of HTML elements. You want all your paragraphs on your pages to have Arial, 10 pt, blue. In CSS you type in a couple of line of code and that is it! Down the road you want to change it, just alter those couple of line of code and that is it! Example:

{font-family:Arial; font-size:10pt; color:blue;}

Cascading Style Sheets is a Better Choice than Tables

For a long time sites with css didn't exist and coded using table elements in HTML. Things have changed and progress. Now CSS is very universal, even more than tables. But for warning, some developers have a hard time learning CSS. But when you do learn it, it far better than doing tables for development.

Things to Keep in Mind for Development

If you are planning a long journey of development you must learn CSS. There isn’t any way around it. Your pages will be clean, universal, easy to update and you will use less time. You can universally change all aspects to any of the html elements and assign attributes. Your pages will render quicker and be more accessible. You can store in an external sheet which makes your pages smaller. You can design to the exact pixel location and size of your design elements.

Learning Cascading Style Sheets

Coding Development Language for Design

Learning a new coding language is always scary. But in all honestly, CSS is really easy to understand and follow. There are a couple of ways to learn css. One you can Google some CSS Tutorials. You can go to Amazon and find some books. Or take some online or campus class on the subject. I would recommend just finding some tutorials or online help. There are many sources and great sites to help. If you are still having problems, then try a book or take a class.

CSS Design Sites to Help you on Your Way

Here are a couple of sites that have some easy tutorials and lessons on css. These are some of the best and offer more than just css. Pixel2Life offers Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash tutorials. These are some of the top software packages that can push your site even further.

| W3C Schools | Pixel2Life | TigTag |

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